Industry Solutions

Years of working closely with various industries, from restaurant and retail logistics to manufacturing and construction, make us an essential 3PL partner.  You can count on us to understand the challenges unique to your industry and anticipate the steps needed to ensure your success.

  • Retail

    Everything in retail is right now or never.  You need to minimize downtime or disruptions to store sales while meeting hard deadlines for project completion, store openings and more.  Over 15 years, we’ve supported our partners in the retail industry by mastering retail logistics and making more than 56,000 time-sensitive deliveries per year, with 99 percent on-time performance.  Contact us to learn more.

  • Hospitality

    When you need third party logistics support for hotel and restaurant openings, remodels and more, call Koch.  You’ll get a team of experienced restaurant logistics pros who know the quickest way to the solutions you need, from furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) support to managing deliveries around immovable deadlines.  We’ll create a freight services plan and assemble the components of a shipping network to meet your needs and keep your projects on schedule.  Contact us to learn more.

  • Manufacturing

    Many manufacturers depend on just-in-time delivery of parts or other critical components to maintain production schedules and meet customer demand.  With a single call, you can tap Koch’s expertise in manufacturing logistics and set in motion a coordinated process that ensures reliable, accurate delivery of time-sensitive shipments—from components to finished products.  Contact us to learn more.

  • Medical

    Shipping medical and laboratory equipment often requires extra care, as well as special handling considerations.  Trust Koch to pull together a medical logistics plan and the resources to ensure sensitive machinery, laboratory equipment and other medical assets arrive in one piece and ready to operate.  Contact us to learn more.

  • Construction

    Large equipment, heavy or fragile building components, time-sensitive delivery schedules—any or all can be factors in shipping for construction-related industries.  When you need specialized shipping or warehousing of construction materials or equipment, call the experts in construction logistics at Koch.  We’ll arrange the shipping resources and provide the space you need—short and long-term—to help your construction project stay on schedule.  Contact us to learn more.

  • Consumer Products

    Shipping consumer products comes with its own set of challenges—seasonal deadlines, keeping popular product on store shelves, shipping on short notice to retailers who keep inventories low.  One call to Koch taps you into a team of consumer products logistics experts who can arrange a seamless transportation experience, including warehousing.  Contact us to learn more.