Jeanne Niehaus -- Manager, Inventory Fixtures and Materials -- Sephora

“Koch Logistics is just really good at what they do.” 

Background Sephora is an international chain of cosmetics stores founded in France in 1970.  They operate 1300 stores in 27 countries, including more than 340 in North America, with more opening at a steady pace.

Sephora builds new stores on an accelerated timetable, from site selection to grand opening.  To ensure a reliable, just-in-time supply of fixtures, product and other essential goods for its stores in North America, Sephora needed a 3PL partner who made customer service a top priority.  In 2009, Koch Logistics got the call to coordinate logistics for several special projects and that led to an ongoing relationship as the logistics carrier of choice for Sephora.

Keeping Sephora supplied Koch manages all the logistics for Sephora’s new store openings.  At the beginning of the year, Sephora sends Koch the schedule of store openings.  Koch knows Sephora’s vendors and makes all the arrangements to ensure fixtures and materials arrive on time at the right place.  According to Jeanne Niehaus, Sephora’s Manager of Inventory Fixtures and Materials in North America, “Koch is a good fit for us. Their customer service is impeccable. We love partnering with them.”

Koch delivers for Sephora Niehaus cites several strong reasons why Sephora leans on Koch for logistics support. “They’re great with customer service.  They find solutions for you and they’re very honest, which is a big deal for us.  They’re our logistics arm for knowing what’s going on in the industry.”

Every business faces a worst-case scenario now and then.  Sephora’s came during the 2013 floods in Alberta, Canada that disrupted the timetable for delivery of new fixtures to stores.  Niehaus remembers, “I called the [Koch] rep and he worked until 9:30 at night to get the required fixtures on a truck.  We can count on them to do this for us when they can.”

Why choose Koch Logistics Summarizing Sephora’s relationship with Koch Logistics, Niehaus lists several major benefits:

Extended reach into Latin America

Comprehensive 3PL project management of multi-store rollouts

Responsiveness that includes on-call support that’s available when needed

Understanding the unique 3PL needs of Sephora’s business

“Koch Logistics is just really good at what they do.” 

Jeanne Niehaus Manager, Inventory Fixtures and Materials Sephora